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About Shawe Ruckus

Writer of mystery and young adults' science fantasy who curates
curse words, legendary creatures, and cold cases.


I'm Shawe Ruckus, a writer of stories that others dare not write, where legendary creatures and cold cases take centre stage.

Having called many places home, I bring a unique medley of humour, bad humour, lousy humour, suspense, and everyday life to my stories. My books feature strong female characters, diverse casts, and careful observations of human life in today's increasingly interconnected and hybrid world.

I am also a member of the 'Space Mafia', aka the International Space University, and a former student of the Worshipful Society of Apothecaries in London, where Agatha Christie learnt how to poison.

When not building the Ruckus-verse, you can find me cooking, mentoring, playing games, and trying and failing at gardening.

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