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Stories like None Before...

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When three dead bodies are discovered, is it murder, revenge, or an affair gone wrong? The answer may hit closer to home than Catherine ever expects.

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Mercenaries in Suits Book 1

When a wealthy Asian businessman's sister winds up dead, an unlikely consultant is drawn from Tokyo, but can he uncover whether the young woman was suicidal or if she died at the hands of another?

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Mercenaries in Suits Book 2

When part-time fixer Chance Yang is enlisted to investigate a pair of suspicious deaths, the trails lead him from the sunny shores of Spain to the posh boroughs of London.


Princess Rouran Adventures Book 1

Why is the dragon the only fantasy creature in the Chinese zodiac? Maybe it's because dragons aren't a fantasy after all...


Princess Rouran Adventures Book 2

An unlikely quartet of heroes are sent back to Ancient Egypt to save humanity from a seemingly unstoppable evil...


About Shawe Ruckus

Writer of mystery and young adults' science fantasy who curates curse words, legendary creatures, and cold cases.

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